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Imagining Dragons


I come to you this weekend to warn of a potentially disastrous pattern that may be developing on the VIX (aka “the fear gauge”), as we wind our way through this most recent corrective action in the market. This pattern is the fabled “Double Winged Dragon” pattern which is not known by many market participants. However, as you know, I am a sorcerer of the 47th degree and have knowledge imparted down through the ages strictly from mouth to ear, never in written from, by generations of enlightened market Sorcerers.

I am breaking this code of silence, risking exile, simply because I care about you and want you to survive the potential destruction, which may in fact be thrusted upon you in the coming weeks.

This pattern has many phases and distinct signs which cannot, and should not, be ignored if you value your portfolio’s financial worth.

Phase One: The “tail of seduction” phase which, ever so gently, lullabies investors to sleep, convincing them they are safe and sound as a baby in the loving embrace of their mother.

Phase Two: The “wings of distress” which gives warning of the potential destruction that resides just around the corner.

Phase Three: The “neckline of last hope” gives investors the false sense that everything is now ok and the worst is behind them.

Phase Four: The “neck of confirmed disaster” lets you know that the destruction of the market has indeed begun and your time to exit safely has most likely already come to pass.

Phase Five: The “crown of peak destruction” is when the last investors sell out, exiting the market completely while financial media simultaneously declares the markets to be inexorably doomed once and for all.

Phase Six: The “fires of end times doom” which sees men, women and children bartering for goods, services and resources and resorting to burning their paper currency to keep warm in the cold winds of economic depression.

These six phases can be seen in visual form below.

Behold: The chart below which shows where we are currently, and spells out the many stages of what is arguably the most powerful pattern known to man. THE DOUBLE WINGED DRAGON PATTERN!

VIX dragon.png


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I Know When That Trend Line Breaks, That Can Only Mean One Thing

I Know When That Trendline Breaks, That Can Only Mean One Thing

Greetings interwebs.

I know I have been absent for some time now, and any of you who’ve followed my posts probably think I am dead and gone. However, this is not the case. I am still alive and well.

Let me just start this off by saying I have grown immensely over these past few months as a trader/ investor and as a person. My path of sorcery led me to a fork in the road in 2015. I was at the point where my growth could lead me in one of two ways: down a path to evil and dark magic, or conversely, down a path of good and light magic. I began to take the dark path, seeing and doing things that once a person does, there is no way back. Shortly into the journey I realized this was not the type of Sorcerer I wanted to be, and to be honest, the decision was pretty much forced into my field of vision due to being struck down by an elder Sorcerer with insights into where my path was leading. Having seen where I was going to end up, I abruptly did an about-face and began climbing my way out of the darkness, and have now reached the light once again.

I know you’re probably thinking “What the hell does this have to do with trading or investing in stocks?” Well, let me elaborate further. I believe we are at an extremely important junction in these markets of ours. There is a strong chance that my previous post about the market not going down, was about as wrong as it could be. In reality it was already wrong given the drop we have seen since. I am going to make this as simple as I can, because I feel that is the best way to help the most amount of people in the coming weeks and months.

Below is a monthly chart of the Nasdaq ETF – QQQ. On this chart there is a very easy to understand trend line, which is dangerously close to being broken, signaling a potential end to the 6+ years of upward price action investors have enjoyed since the bottom of “the great recession” in 2009.


If and when this trend line is broken, I will be taking a much more bearish approach to the market by allocating fresh capital and purchasing more Puts and other bearish instruments. I will not be selling my current holdings however, as I believe these are companies that can weather the storm and are leading the way forward in the world. This does not mean however that their respective share prices will not further succumb to the potential bear market which may be developing and sending them much lower. I will hold them with the intention of allocating more fresh capital and possible gains from bearish bets and averaging my cost when I feel the market has potentially found it’s bottom.

I currently have some September QQQ puts at the 96 strike price, purchased a month ago and they are up nearly 70% as I type this. My current long holdings however have been hit extremely hard thus far and are as follows:


BBN (Bond Trust currently yielding 6.9%)











There are a couple different ways to play this if we touch or break the trend line referenced above. You can either attempt to buy the market when the line is touched or broken, with the goal of selling if a bounce occurs. Or you can short the break of the trend line, looking for prices to move much lower as a bear market begins to firmly take hold. I leave this choice to you obviously. All I will say is that my research into the matter of current market conditions has led me to believe we may in fact be on the verge of a very disastrous period from this point going forward. Good luck to you and stay tuned for more ideas for both short term and long term trading and investing ideas.

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I’m Not Saying The Market Isn’t Going To Go Down, But The Market Isn’t Going To Go Down

I'm Not Saying The Market Isn't Going To Go Down, But The Market Isn't Going To Go Down

What a memorable 6 weeks it has been since my last post. Back then shit looked pretty fucked with all the index charts printing reversal candles on Fed day.

After that we went all the way back to the lows pretty much in a straight line, stopped on a dime, and now we are right back to those same fucking levels.

So yeah I am not saying the market can’t go down, but it can’t go down.

Every time I write a post saying that, the next day and sometimes even a month is weak so maybe you should fade me, but then again maybe the melt up has just begun.

What to do from here is what everyone is trying to figure out. I am saying higher as it just seems the most likely in my mind.

I think that most people do not even own stocks, its only the wealthy people that have interest in stocks being higher. Those people who are wealthy have an interest in keeping the market up, so up it goes. It just has to slosh around and fuck everyone trying to game it as it goes, just like a human being would do. Let’s face it, this market is just a reflection of who and what we are as people. Fucked.

On Friday I sold a bunch of shitty spec positions that were all down everyday for like a year. I did this because I was tired of seeing them. They were weighing me down. I wanted to take this shit and exchange it for a few new positions I could hold and build up long term along side my other core holdings: BAC BRK.B DIS MNST

Those stocks I sold were: CROX CSLT ELON NTN RBCN OPTT FNMA

The new stocks I bought were: NFLX NKE TSLA

I also continue holding smaller long term positions in BLOX CREE DRNA TSL

Other than that I have a cash position which I have grown from 30% of my portfolio’s value to over 60% with none other than sheer unbridled winship of financial wizardry.

In other words I have been taking large -risky as fuck- options trades and winning more than losing.

I am currently off my highs for the year but still up over 20% and steady giving zero fucks. Borderline Eternally Bullish.

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Exactly Which Way Would You Like To Be Fucked?

Exactly Which Way Would You Like To Be Fucked?

If you thought this was going to be about politics, you have clicked the wrong link.

I don’t give a fuck about that shit.

The stock market is my concern and I shall continue to wager coin and see my rewards grow EXPONENTIALLY. You see I stand with vast cash hordes which I have been hurling into lit fireplaces on the reg, and slaying wins with consistency. Every day I have been conducting acts of sorcery within the confines of my galactic battle station. I am growing ever stronger and shall soon reach the level of Grand Sorcerer General(GSG), at which time I will molecularly dismember all attempting to give challenge.

Let me form words towards matters of importance. Put to temporary idle are my eternally bullish dominations of days past. A new bullearish hybrid reflection of my former self takes shape in light of the savage events of late August. My sails collect wind in either direction short term without pause, for this is the path that has led to a most epic stacking of coin. Awaiting stretched conditions in either direction and using that as an entry has proven successful. Over the past few months I have won with an 80% success rate transacting index ETF options trades. The least successful attempts and the losses have come when attempting breakout/breakdown trades, shocker.

My core long term positions remain. Most of them still have big gains actually, save for BAC, which I have never been green on. I’m down in a shitload of small bullshit positions which I could honestly give a fuck about due to the GORILLA gains previously referenced short term and the outsized gains in larger long term positions. I would seek to average my core holdings in the event of a total financial meltdown, like a fucking gentlemen, rather than sell the lows due to homopanic and margin liquidations.


Note: I may or may not post entries/exits of trades here or on twitter, but if I don’t, its because I don’t give a fuck.

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What Kind Of Fuckery Is This?

What Kind Of Fuckery Is This?

There are times at which even a sorcerer like myself has trouble choosing the proper course of action to bank extreme coin off of fast short term moves in the market of stocks.

I made an extensive list of ideas last night…and glanced over them as I inhaled the finest herbs in all the lands this morning.

After some review of the price action 30 minutes to an hour into the day, I decided to buy VNDA because the chart looked to have some potential to break out of the symmetrical triangle seen below.


I took a position as the stock appeared to be breaking the highs of the day.

After buying at 12.20 I was quite pleased as the stock immediately caught a bid higher to 12.30 and was looking good for a nice run.

Then it did jack shit except FAIL at every attempt to go higher as buyers could not muster the juice to get it going.

I then sold VNDA at 12.06 and took the -.14 loss.

Shortly after I decided I would short the next high on the Q’s as I sensed the strength was fading across the whole market.

I bought QQQ SEP 105 puts at 2.50 and took a few large drags off the sorcerer’s pipe.

The market proceeded to go lower and I took the gains at 2.75 for +.25 feeling proud of my winship.

However the market proceeded to GO THE FUCK LOWER and those puts have been trading over 3 bucks now.

This is pure fuckery…fucking my mind. If this is the higher low and I just gave away the best entry all week for .25 gain, I will fucking break some shit. MOAR DRUGS are required. Excuse me now, and good day to you.

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JPMorgains Weekend Movie Reco: Goodbye World

Goodbye World

Since the whole fucking world seems to be crashing, I figured it would be a good time to recommend some weekend entertainment, so as to take your mind off the impending doom that appears to be awaiting us all on Monday.

This weekend’s suggestion is “Goodbye World”, starring that dude from “Entourage” as a “doomsday preper” type of guy who has a nice little solar powered farm house out in the countryside which comes in handy for him and his friends as a terrorist attack sends the United States into chaos and subsequent Martial law conditions.

The movie also stars Kid Cudi as a hacker/anti establishment type dude who may have had a hand in the events that caused the meltdown of civilization. Other than that the movie stars mostly unknown actors, but they do a pretty decent job of being believable.

So as the world crashes, sit back and watch “Goodbye World” on Netflix and try to remember that even though we as people do fall the fuck apart from time to time, we always seems to rebuild everything bigger and better than it was before. Most importantly remember what really matters in life which is the friends and family that you have around you.


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