Concept of Market Sorcery

In order to fully grasp the concept of Market Sorcery you must understand that everything in the world around us is a manifestation of the powers at work within the constructs of the universe.

The nature of the universe and its appearance in markets can be identified through careful study and analysis and used to predict the most probable future outcomes in financial instruments.

A very important aspect of Market Sorcery is understanding that everything moves in waves and cycles with periods of fast and sometimes violent movement coming after periods of calm and quiet movement. The greatest movement comes from periods of compression and consolidation. Looking for these characteristics in financials instruments and deciphering what stage of movement they are in, and therefor where they are likely to go next, is how a Sorcerer can extract colossal gains from the market.

A recent chart of RETA, correctly predicted by Director of Market Sorcery JPMorgains, illustrates perfectly the powerful moves that come after periods of compression. Study this action carefully and learn to pinpoint it in charts under review.





Stay tuned for more spells and important lessons in Market Sorcery.

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