Potions and Elixirs

A few potions and elixirs to put under review for opportunities to conduct Market Sorcery.


Notice how the price has gone from a violent period of fast and large movement and now it’s in a period of slower and smaller price movement. The Price has also shown a desire to reverse downward price movement as the most recent shorter term trend moves higher towards the middle area of the consolidation or compression.

Further upward movement out of this compression area may signal a large move higher is coming very shortly. As with all ideas under review, a Sorcerer must choose their entry point wisely and consider the price level where the spell is no longer relevant.


Notice the similarity in HALO, a recent chart which was correctly predicted using Market Sorcery . After a very similar period of compression, the stock made a nice move higher in a short period of time.



Very similar price movements to the charts above cast forth the reason’s why the adept Sorcerer recognizes this chart should be under review for potential investment.



Another example of price movement compressing after a series of fast and violent moves.

Keep a watchful eye on this one to see if price moves higher out of the compression range.


These are just a few of many charts currently under review for potential opportunities at the Society of Market Sorcery. Join us today for more.

As above, so below. Good luck to you.


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