From the Desk of JPMorgains: Financial Alchemy.

Greetings and Salutations fellow market magicians.

The Society wishes you a happy new year. All the best to you and yours.

Let us begin the new year with a glimpse into some of the top investment ideas under review for financial wizardry , here at the Society.

First up is CPRX

This chart has been under review for several months as the pattern took shape. A very nice consolidation has formed and we are now on watch for a resolution of the pattern, preferably higher in price. We would like to see a few pullbacks to buy with tightening price action taking place along the way. Take a look at the chart below, with the pattern and price levels highlighted.


The Society likes this chart on any dips to the area between 1.15-.95 a share with the lower end of the range needing to hold for the pattern to be in tact.

The breakout area is between 1.20-1.25 a share with a measured move target of 2.25-2.50 a share.

Next up is MNKD

Another nice consolidation is taking shape in the chart for MNKD below, which we have been watching for the past few months.


Much like the previous idea, MNKD has pretty clear reversal pattern taking shape.

We like this chart for a buy between the .60-.75 level with the lower end of the range needing to hold for the pattern to be in tact.

Targets on the upside are set at the 1.30-1.70  area.

Last but not least, is THLD

A previous winner for The Society, THLD is consolidating after a steep move lower towards the end of the last year. As long as price continues to consolidate higher we like it for a buy between .45-.50 a share with the lower end of the range needing to hold for the pattern to be in tact.

The target range on the upside is set at .85-.90 per share.

Check the chart below with the pattern and price levels of note marked for review.


These are just a few ideas we have under review here at the Society of Market Sorcery. Please feel free to contact us if you have any ideas to review or would like to learn more about Market Sorcery.

Good luck!


7 thoughts on “From the Desk of JPMorgains: Financial Alchemy.

  1. Wow you called out CPRX right before it went up nearly 200%!!

    How has no one told me about this website? You got a new follower here my friend!

    Signed up for the Apprenticeship! Super excited! Looking forward to learning a lot!


  2. Loving the vibes you have going here! Joined yesterday afternoon.

    I bought RDFN just after your alert at 25.15 and I can’t believe I am up over 10% in one day!

    Should I sell it today or hold it? Thank you so much! So worth 13 bucks! Haha


    • Excellent, honored to have you on board!

      As for your question regarding RDFN, first off glad you got in and stayed in through the chop this morning (we got shaken out following price a little close).

      You have to decide if it is a trade or an investment to you. If a trade then 10% gain in one day should be locked in by selling at least half and place stop order at entry on rest of shares.

      If investment then you need to determine holding period, risk/reward, etc.

      Good luck and thanks for joining us!

      • Well I guess I was just lucky because I slept in this morning anyway ;)… haha!
        …I just woke up and saw I was in the Green! :)…
        ..l’ll consider what you said and think about what I should do.

        Thanks Mr JPMorgains! 🙂

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