Good evening Fellow Market participants.

We wanted to take a minute to reflect on the year that has past and be humble and grateful for all that has transpired in 2017.

Over the course of the year we enjoyed marvelous success and grew accounts handsomely. We know it was the same for a great many of you and we are so unbelievably grateful for a market that can provide such a fantastic arena for all of us to prosper and build toward an amazing future in the years and decades to come.

We made some great calls here on the site and I sincerely hope the info reached you well and you were able to gain from it.

The most notable of the those calls we made, was to buy CPRX at 1.25 at the beginning of the year. We set what at the time we thought was a modest target of 2.50 for 100% gain.

Well the stock closed the year out today at 3.91 for over 200% gain from where we made our recommendation. Not only that but the stock went as high as 4.50 before pulling back into the end of the year. Obviously you see there was plenty of room for abundant gains to be enjoyed from our recommendation buy price.

Take a look at the chart below which puts it a little more into perspective.


As you can see CPRX stock has had an extraordinary year!

There is much to be learned about how this stock has traded over the year and the lessons we can learn for future setups in actionable investment ideas. We have a lot to share with you on this topic in the coming year and lots of good looking charts that could be the next big winners in 2018, much like CPRX has been in 2017.


Moving on, we would also like to discuss some ideas and themes we have about how this year has played out and how we think the coming year will shape up.

Positive Vibes 

For quite some time the market has been fairly tilted to the negative side, as a lot of investors lost a lot of money in the housing crises selloff. This is understandable and it usually takes a while for the negativity of such events to clear out of the market, but with this recovery, things have stayed remarkably negative as we kept pushing higher and higher in markets over the years following the crises.

As the year came to a close, and all the madness ensued in Bitcoin and other blockchain and cyptocurrencies, I felt a disturbance in the force, as a whole new generation did a double take at both bitcoin gains as well as the most recent run in the overall market this year. This was a good disturbance though and I think it may have signaled the beginning of something great!

We will have much more to say about this as we head into the new year, so stay tuned!


Marijuana Stocks and Investment Ideas 

Clearly the marijuana stocks are heating up, even as most of the plays showcasing the most spectacular gains were and continue to be penny stocks that trade on the OTC market, the gains are most likely just getting started in the space.

The simple fact that one cannot even find that many reputable stocks trading on the listed securities market is a sign of how much this space is still in its infancy stages.

As we go forward into the new year it will be extremely profitable to search through the many companies trading in the OTC market which are in the Marijuana business, and find out which ones have the best setups and actual potential to move from the OTC markets, up to the big boy markets with real companies that investors take much more seriously.

We have searched out the resource below for your benefit, so that you may do your searching through the sea of companies out there which may present potential trade or investment opportunities.

Marijuana Stock Database/Screener

Also in the Marijuana sector news. Be sure to put MJX on your grid or Watchlist heading into the new year. Ticker symbol MJX is the first Marijuana ETF available to trade if you want a diversified investing approach to the Marijuana sector. The top holdings look pretty favorable in our view.


Ideas, Trades, and Analysis

In conclusion, we hope you have had a fantastic year and want you to have an amazing 2018!

We want to push the positive vibes and keep people excited and learning about how to take charge of their financial goals this year!

In spirit of that we wanted to offer our services to you!

If you are in need of help in finding your way to success in the market, we offer the absolute most cost-effective service you will find and put our heart and soul into turning you into the top notch investor you have the potential to be!

Let us know if we can be of service to you in any capacity and thank you so much for reading and interacting with us this year!

Happy New Year!!!




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