Merlin’s Margin Debut!

Greetings All.

My name is Merlin and I have been put in charge of the Margin here at The Society of Market Sorcery.

If it involves options, a “2X or 3X‘ investment vehicle, or any of the other various styles of exotic leverage that can be employed, it will be discussed by me, in these sections and halls of The Society we which shall lovingly refer to as “Merlin’s Margin”, hence forth.

If you are unsure of just what exactly “Margin” is, read about it by clicking the link below. You must have a solid understanding of basic stock market trading before you can even begin down the endless journey of understanding the many types and various uses of Margin.

Trading with Margin

I will give all of you time to read this, and ask questions, before moving on to posts and articles which go into more detail about options strategy etc.


Cheers to all on the New Year and I wish you nothing but the best in your trading and investing this year!






2 thoughts on “Merlin’s Margin Debut!

  1. Hi Merlin! This is so cool that they are adding new authors here to talk about options and stuff, I have so many questions haha! When you buy an option are you buying shares at the end of the contract date?

    Trying to read about all this stuff and understand but it’s so confusing!

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