New Features For The New Year

We are so excited for the year to come and the new features we are working on behind the scenes here at The Society.

Given the current trend of markets and the opportunities which we feel will be presenting themselves, we have designed new features which will be added to the site in the weeks to come.

While we still plan to focus mainly on our normal routine of finding great stocks to trade and invest in for longer periods. We also wanted to incorporate other valuable styles of trading and investing.

The first new feature we have added is a Merlin, our new Options and leverage strategies writer. Merlin is a seasoned options trader and will be posting educational content about options and other leverage strategies. Look for “Merlin’s Margin” on the right hand margin (pun intended) of the site. Or Click Here.

Eventually you will see Technical analysis, Watch lists, and Options trade breakdowns explaining how the strategies are used to manage risk and capture potentially explosive gains. Merlin’s first several posts however will likely be educational to get newer traders up to speed on how Options work.

The Society is extremely pleased to have Merlin writing for us and we truly hope you will gain from his extensive experience and understanding of options trading.

Many more new features are on the way for Members this year so make sure to check out the website everyday for new and updated information, watch lists, and longer term investment ideas posted here every day.

Thank you and make sure to checkout Merlin’s Margin!



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