Minting Money, Merlin Sytle

Good Afternoon Traders,

Merlin here. I sold half of those HIMX calls I purchased yesterday morning just now for .50 or 100% gain.

I kept half the position on because it is now a position built purely on profit from the trade, which I will now attempt to ride out for additional gains.

So lets recap.

I bought calls in HIMX based on this chart from yesterday…HIMX

I then came here to report this purchase to you….

Then today I got a pleasant surprise as the position immediately gave me an instant 100% return.


I sold half the position here for 100%, removing my initial investment from the equation entirely.



Now I sit and wait for additional money to be printed out in my name, and take said monies as well.

Or the stock may give me some new information to change course.

As of now….I wait.

Cheers and have a wonderful day.

See you after the bell for more Options studies.


PS. BB not giving the dip buy like I had prognosticated. Do not chase the stock higher.


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