Making Moves With Merlin

Top of the afternoon to ya!

Merlin here.

I know I know, the day is already pretty much done. The ol’ Merlin went out with Mrs. Merlin last evening and had a nice time with some of that freshly minted monies. Perhaps too good of a time. You only live once though, or so the saying goes.

I slothed my way out of bed about 2 hours ago, and made my way into the office to activate the workstation.

Shortly after getting things powered up and opening up my platform, I came across this here chart…DLPH


I like the looks of this chart for higher prices. I like Options, so I went immediately searching for the options on this stock.

I was quite pleased to see that there were in fact options for this issue, and prices were reasonable as well.

After thinking for about 30 seconds, I quickly pulled up an order.

I bought Jan 18 $60 calls at .20

Just like with the HIMX trade, this position is less than 1% of capital, and I will risk the entire premium payed.

Let’s see what this chart has to offer off of this little pattern in DLPH

All the best and I promise to come back today and write up another educational entry about the mechanics of Options Trading.

See ya then!




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