Couch Mode

Hello all.

I know, late again. You have probably already written me off as a lazy sloth-like creature, and honestly, you are half right.

Not feeling so hot today, not sure if it’s the Chinese food Mrs. Merlin and I ordered in last night, or the fact that my two open positions which I have shared with you here in these sacred halls, are doing diddly squat today.

Judging by the fact that Mrs. Merlin is busily re-organizing her section of our bedroom closet, and constantly asking for my assistance in “hanging some new shelves”. She is not feeling any repercussions from the Chines food.

Back to the positions

HIMX is just sitting there, so I am still waiting, on the couch, with my laptop on my belly, like an otter.

DLPH came out swinging and then took a sharp dip, then recovered more than half said dip. Sounds like MOAR waiting. Let’s see what’s on Netlix.

More on this later…




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