Minting Money Merlin Style: Volume Two

Hey there stock market operators!

Merlin here again.

Well wouldn’t you know it, just when you had written ol’ Merlin off as a washed up has been, my calls in DLPH absolutely EXPLODED higher just now.

Being that I had been sitting in the position rocking back and forth between break even and a loss, I had already pretty much written this thing off…

Then ka boom!


As you see above, Merlin got his expected move, sending the price of those JAN 18 $60 Calls right through the roof.

I sold 3/4 of the position at .75 from .20 for 275% gain. In five days time. #marketsorcery

I will let you marinate in that for a moment….

This trade entry was posted here for all to partake and enjoy, just five days ago

This kidos is why an Olde man such as myself spends his time searching evermore for these types of setups.

I will monitor the stock and decide when the time is appropriate to exit the rest of my position.

Hope some of you out there on the interwebs enjoyed this here trade I offered up to you. It was a pretty easy hold for a few days to see some incredible gains. This is what I excel at and I will do my best to put you in front of great moves in stocks. Cheers initiates, see you after the bell for some education.




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