JP Buys JP: It’s An Ego Thing

Just kidding, it’s a chart thing, like always.

I just wanted to have some fun, being that the ticker symbol just happens to be the same as my handle, here on the interwebs, among you fine people.

Anyway, I like this chart here for upside if it can get above 22. I will be watching closely and following a carefully plotted out plan I have concocted, whilst smoking a tobacco pipe in a dimly lit room, to extract exorbitant gains from this here stock, which just so happens to be named, not after, but similar to, yours truly.

I bought a small position in JP at 21.13


Let’s see what, well, I can do here…

Stay tuned.



3 thoughts on “JP Buys JP: It’s An Ego Thing

  1. Wow JP this place is looking amazing! I love it! So excited about Merlin as well. Been learning a lot from his articles. Thank you so much for all you do here, it’s so great for someone like me who is still trying to learn about all this stuff! Hope you’re having a nice weekend. Thanks again!

    • Thank you for participating @LOVEORB!

      I really appreciate your feedback! Hope you are having a great weekend as well. Enjoy the extra day off!

      Trade well and we’ll see you in the Lab!


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