Behold: Beginner’s Basement Begins

After much careful thought and planning, we at the Society, have decided to start a new project within these sacred halls. BEHOLD: Beginner’s Basement is born!

Starting Tuesday we will officially launch this new section of the Society and will reveal our first beginner Trader/Investor who will be writing for the site shortly after. This person is going to be a huge value add to this site and the content we provide. You should be VERY excited!

The beginner’s basement will be a place for Apprentice Sorcerers to share their Ideas, Charts, real time trades, and anything else their little sponge brains may decide to share with you.

I hope you are excited for this new feature and if you are new to trading as well, I strongly advise you to take full advantage of the valuable information that will no doubt be shared there, in abundant quantities.

There are many other exiting new developments taking shape behind the scenes here at the Society as well, which you will be seeing very soon!

Stay tuned!



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