Merlin’s Morning Movers: January 17th 2018

Howdy Traders,

I have to apologize once again, which is clearly going to be another ongoing theme with me.

I came down with a bit of a bug this last weekend, which was no way for a gentleman to spend the holiday weekend, no way at all I say.

Anyway, that is the reason I was not able to pen the third installment of the options educational series I have been crafting here, in these sacred and hallowed halls.

But enough of that! Back to matter at hand lads! Trading! And the use of options to do so!

And we’re off…

I bought AJRD FEB $30 Calls for 1.95 this morning, because I like the looks of this here chart that JP turned me on to a couple weeks ago. I thought it was time to make my move, so I did.

Just like always friend, this position is sized in such a way that I can let the whole darned thing go to zero, and it will still be way below my risk parameters.  However I may also decide to add a little more to the position if it gets down to the lower support, which would bring the position to just under my maximum risk amount. Developing…

Now clearly I do not want that though. What I want, and let me be perfectly clear here, are gains in increments of 1000% and up, at all times, and without interruption.

As you know we can’t always get what we want though, so I will settle for a few measly hundred percent should the stock gods decide to bestow it upon me with this trade.

Oh and I almost forgot, here is that chart I liked so much that made me take this trade!

Take a look see!


Looks ready to “Rocket” higher to me. Hope you are all having a great day out there.

Remember to always respect the risk before you think about the reward!

See ya after the bell with the long awaited third installment of my Options Educational series.




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