What I’m Holding And Trading Tomorrow

Hello fellow Traders.

I’d like to Introduce myself. My name’s Sylvester and I have been trading for about two years. I mainly focus on swing trades and day trades , due to still working a full time job. I’m working on building my portfolio at the moment so I can trade full time in the future. I’ve learned a lot by my mistakes that I’ve made in the market!

More then anything I’m glad to be part of this group to further each other’s knowledge and learn from each other!

So with that being said happy trading and best of luck on all your plays…

I’m currently holding AKER and BPMX.

AKER Has been on a uptrend the last 5 days. The resistance level ended up bewteen 0.28- .30  and after hours broke through. 30 sitting at .3077 currently. Trend still looking bullish.


I will be trading this tomorrow depending on how it opens… if it gaps up I will be selling, taking in profits and trying to catch the down side.  If it gaps down ill be riding it to the top again depending on how charts are looking….

BPMX has finally broke its resistance today witch was around .13 and made its new higher lows and higher high, support being .135 and resistance  .14.


After hours broke threw to .145 and looks to be having an upward trend. I am Holding this for a swing trade most likely threw the weekend depending on how things go the next 2 days .

Thanks for reading and hopefully you can learn from my experiences.



One thought on “What I’m Holding And Trading Tomorrow

  1. Welcome Sylvester.

    Great work. You’re a very skilled young trader and we could not be more thrilled to have you!

    Thank you for being a contributor! Trade well!

    Talk soon.


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