I Got It, I Got It…Don’t Got It.

Hey there traders.

Well I come to you today not to speak of unbelievable gains or enemies vanquished.

Rather I am reporting the opposite, unrealized gains once mine for the taking, have evaporated right before my eyes in the HIMX Jan $11 Calls I am holding.

I thought surely I had a few hundred percent nailed in this HIMX trade, as I came here boasting of my one day overnight gains of 100% I had achieved in the name.

As you know once the position did reach 100% I sold half and effectively removed my original investment, making it impossible for me to lose money. The only bad outcome I was facing: losing the gains of 100% that were staring me in the face for the taking when I sold half the position a day after I took the trade.

Today is options expiry for January and unfortunately these contracts will expire worthless at the bell today.

This article may sound somber and sad, but it is not, and I am not.

I made the decision to let the gain ride and hold out for MOAR. I do this often and it pays off enough of the time to make my trading system a winning system. But yours may be different and that is something you need to figure out ahead of time before you venture into the field of Options trading.

Another thing to remember here, I did not lose money on my original investment amount, I just watched a 100% gain go to zero.

Also I made 300% in DLPH last week, and this AJRD is looking pretty good so far as well.

Bottom line: Don’t count ol’ Merlin out just yet friend.



PS. I know I know, the options education series. I have a great third installment on the way for you guys that I absolutely promise will be up tonight! Thanks for your patience.


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