My First Day of Investing in the TSX

I’m happy to report I officially purchased my first stocks! It was an exciting moment! After weeks of playing a simulator game while I waited for my $ to transfer over to my Direct Investing account, the day had finally arrived that I could invest real money into real stocks.

Not knowing enough about technical analysis yet, I based my choices on some fundamental aspects – a major one being the upcoming recreational cannabis legalization in Canada.

I bought 100 shares of Canopy Growth Corp (WEED) at $37.48, at it’s highest it hit $42 then dropping to $32 not a week later. I believe I purchased on a dip but only time will tell. I purchased a few other stocks that have been on my watchlist:

FLT: Drone Delivery Canada Corp at $1.79 (they have begun testing in the USA, which will be HUGE!)

PEY: Peyto Exploration & Development Corp at $12.25 (it’s 30 day low)

BB: Blackberry LTD at $16.50

Now I’m researching an awesome financial stock to add to my portfolio so I am well diversified.

What is my goal with investing? To create long-term and short-term wealth, I have some time on my side with my age to take some risks as I invest and learn I am bound to lose a little and I am prepared for that. I have only invested 60% of my available funds and left the rest of it in cash as we’ve been riding high on a bull market that will end eventually.

Wishing everyone a prosperous and successful week!

DiverSHAfy signing off.






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