Buy and sell, only time will tell….

The stock market is overwhelming. Sifting through the data and charts and news is proving to be a full-time job. I knew I was going to have to invest a fair amount of time and energy into it if I wanted to be in full control of my own portfolio. I’m glad I chose this route.

Calling myself a beginner is being generous. I’m on week 2 and the day after I bought 2 marijuana stocks (APH and WEED on the TSX) they dropped 7-8%. A few days later they dipped another 6%. The joy of speculative buying. I misread the chart and bought when they were both too high. Now they’ve climbed back to where I bought them and it’s looking positive for a green week (double entendre!). I wouldn’t be surprised if they both shot up 7-10%. Nice.

Aside from buying my first 6 stocks, I also did two swing trades. Bought 2000 FLT stocks at 1.42 and sold at 1.95 later that afternoon with the guidance of my stock investing step-mother. Good advice she gave me.

Now she’s giving me some tips on option trading, to which I can fully admit I don’t have any idea about. After I make some gains with swing trading I’ll move on to options. So much to learn!

Until next Sunday trading friends! DiverSHAfy is out eh!



One thought on “Buy and sell, only time will tell….

  1. Just a beginner crushing it, making one day 35%+ gains. Nothing to see here 😉

    Amazing work, DiverSHAfy! Very humbled that you’ve graced the Society with your presence.

    Looking forward to reading your next entry!

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