How To Pick Earnings Winners

Many anticipated earning reports are coming up this week, a few being AMD, Facebook, Microsoft, SiriusXM, Amazon, Visa, Nokia, and many more…

Here’s my 2 cents on how to pick some earning winners.

Don’t try to predict them ahead of time! You have better odds of picking earning winners after they have announced earnings. Usually a stock going through earnings can be very volatile, even if they beat earnings and the number exceeds expectations!

For some companies, the earning expectations are already built into the stock price before the earning report, and can crash after earnings regardless of the outcome. This sometime happens when a stock goes into an earning report at resistance.

Instead, wait for the earnings report, and if you like what you see, buy on the 1st day after or even the 2nd day.

With good earnings, some company can run for months, not just weeks.

Another note, earning winners sometimes spikes right after earning is announced, but can also spike 2, 3, 4, sometime even 5 days after, so be patience and trade with confidence.

And lastly, analysts upgrades. The followup news articles usually happen overnight of the trading day, after earnings are announced, and sometimes could be a few days late. Use this information to up the odds in your favor.

Here’s the list for the companies with an upcoming earning report this week, and may the odds be in your favor.

Good luck!




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