Hello, my name is Hightimer.

Let me start this off by saying that I am older than time. Older than any of you reading this combined and to the tenth power. I am tens of thousands of years old. You do not believe me, that is normal and perfectly fine.

Your belief in my everlasting life is neither required nor desired. You would however, do well to take note that my time horizon is endless, and not comparable to anyone reading this, anywhere in all of space and time.

I have seen everything. Every combination of sequences in human behavior patterns has been observed and re-observed ad infinitum. I know what you are going to do, long before even you yourself realize what you are going to do. Theory has become scientific fact over the millennia.

Proving this to you shall be quite achievable, even given the short window of time I have to demonstrate these facts to you, in your brief mortal lifespan.

This shall be done by making several investments over the course of years and decades, here in these sacred halls, which shall be known and referred to hence forth as “Hightimer’s Attic”.

Now that we have dealt with the formalities of our initial acquaintance, let us move on to the more important matter at hand: Investment.

This week I will be making several opening purchases which will be highly concentrated positions in Blockchain and other “Cryptocurrency” based companies and investment vehicles.

The tickers I will be looking to invest in are listed below:


I will most likely update you on the purchases of said investments either here in the comments of this entry, or perhaps if there are charts and other relevant data to share I shall pen another entry to highlight said information.

Understand what was explained above: I am not a short term trader. I will not be coming here to update you about meaningless noise in prices caused by human emotions that are to me, quite predictable and very much amusing.

Months may go by without seeing or hearing anything from me, and this is totally normal, because I am on a much longer time frame than nearly anyone who will ever read these words. You will hear from me when it matters, on all things market related.

If there is something that matters over the “higher time frame”, you can expect to hear about it from your new friend, me, Hightimer.

Enjoy your period of rest required by your fragile mortal vessel, I shall be here, watching over the matrix, evermore.




7 thoughts on “Transcendent

  1. Welcome Hightimer. Thank you so much for agreeing to write for the Society of Market Sorcery.

    We are highly honored by your presence here.

    Very much looking forward to reading your articles!


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