State Of The Market

Today we experienced the first major correction of 2018, with the Dow pulling back 362 points and the Canadian TSX pulling back 139. It was bloody across the board.

Today Mr President Trump also delivered his first State of the Union speech since taking office a year ago. He painted a pretty picture of the economy, bringing back manufacturing jobs and businesses back to the USA and cutting taxes for businesses and individuals. The stock market has soared. But now what? What can we expect when the market opens tomorrow? Was today just a minor correction or can we expect more bleeding to happen?

I predict nuclear and weapons manufacturers stocks will rise in the short term upon Trump’s State of Union (he wanted to go full out on funding the military and ramp up the nuclear program)

Something big seems to be occurring in the healthcare sector. AMZN, BRK & JPM announced plans to improve health care in the U.S. Healthcare stocks plunged at this news. A collaboration between these three giants will be interesting to watch.

See you all bright and early to see what the day will bring us tomorrow, good luck and goodnight 😎

DiverSHAfy signing off.


PS. Here is the video.


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