To Low Or Not To Low

As we wind our way through this recent market correction, it is important to objectively study the price action and attempt to determine where price is most likely to go.

All price action in financial markets can be studied under a microscope in order to gain insight into potential future outcomes. The indicators and studies one uses to formulate a strategy are important inputs in the equation which will eventually lead to your final prediction.

We have been hard at work analyzing this action here at the Society during this recent spell of market volatility and have some things we want to share with you. Most of the closely guarded and important details however are reserved for Members, and we strongly advise you to join our ranks if you would like to see all of our research and potential opportunities on our radar currently.

Here is what we want to share with you here:

  • Markets have officially removed some of the “unwashed” market participants which is a vital part of all corrective market action.


  • Price action is forming a potentially predictable pattern in the recent term.


  • If this correction is to be a healthy development with the potential for future continuation higher in markets, we need to see a very specific set of circumstances met by price action.


What are these very specific set of circumstances I am speaking of?

Well, those are the closely guarded and important details I mentioned above which are reserved for Market Reports which are sent to Members only.

Send us an email if you have any questions about what we do here and how we can help you get the best results out of your trading.

All the best and remember that above all else you need to protect your capital in corrective and highly volatile markets.

More on this as we get more information from markets.





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