I Been in the Lab, with a Pen and a Pad

In the coming months the Society of Market Sorcery will be launching new features geared towards demonstrating successful market trading and investing techniques to the masses, every single day, 24/7 365.

I’ve devised a three pronged plan for this new initiative which shall be as follows:

  • Provide actionable and educational stock market trading content with a sharp focus on the process used and ideology behind strategy.


  • Create a vibrant community of helpful traders and investors of all skill levels and demographic who trade, learn and grow together.


  • Add more Contributing Traders and Investors of all skill levels and demographic to the Society of Market Sorcery.


Going forward there will be a weekly watchlist updated with vigor and tenacity aimed at providing you with an actionable list of the most explosive stocks every single day, in real-time. Make sure to check this list each day as some stocks are moved on and off the list based on specific price action and other metrics used to define strategy, such as targets achieved or stop loss levels breached.

In light of the need for an open community of intelligent traders we have created the Cowan’s Corner. This is a place open 24/7 for you to ask about stocks, methods, or anything else you are curious about related to the stock market. The password to enter the Cowan’s Corner is: stoploss. We look forward to seeing you there!

On top of this, Beginner’s Basement member Tony Tran will be stepping up to help maintain the Society’s presence on our discord channel, which will be yet another avenue for traders to access actionable trading information as well as educational content.

Finally the third prong in the plan, adding traders and investors to contribute to the Society’s growing community. The more intelligent contributors the better!

If you are an experienced and consistently profitable trader and feel you have what it takes to provide actionable trading or investing content to people across the world each and every day, then please do send us an email and let us know why you want to write for the Society, what you want to write about, and your level of experience.



We look forward to hearing from you.

See you in the Cowan’s Corner tomorrow morning…

All the best!





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