The Sky Is Green, But Soon To Be Blue, So I’m Long GSKY, For a Spell or Two.

Say what?

Try to keep up young apprentice. Things change, and in this new world the sky is green.

However, there is a very good chance that the sky will soon change from Green back to Blue for GSKY, which will be a good thing for me, and maybe you…?

Still lost? Allow me to elaborate further…

Firstly I need to derail, just for a spell.

Last night I received a message from @jpmorgains letting me know that I would be taken hostage and held for ransom if I did not resume my writing activities here. I responded at first with a reminder that I am already quite busy handling the workload of providing actionable Options information to “M3” members, and finally with a note that I would indeed resume my activity here on the site as well so that those who are not members can see what is it we do on a daily basis.

Which in turn my dear old friend, brings us back to the matter of this GSKY chart…observe.



I bought GSKY July 25 Calls for .80 earlier today inside the halls of Society’s “M3″ chambers.

I will risk the entire premium payed on this trade, like usual.

This chart appears to be consolidating for another move and those are just the type of charts we go after here at the Society.

If you would like to inquire about the”M3” Options Trading membership, you can do so here.

Thanks for reading my friend and have a great week of trading!





2 thoughts on “The Sky Is Green, But Soon To Be Blue, So I’m Long GSKY, For a Spell or Two.

  1. Haha! I made no such threats to you my good sir, and I do say, that is quite an outlandish accusation!

    All in good fun though no doubt, right old sport?

    Good times indeed. I like that GSKY chart also. Trying to get some here today as well.

    Thanks for the update Merlin!


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