MOAR Fixins’

Just when you thought we could not possibly add more amazing features to the Society of Market Sorcery, we show up and say (adjusts mic) “WRONG!”

As I spoke about in my previous article, we are ramping up the content and user experience here at the Society of Market Sorcery in a big way.

Very soon you will have access to a totally free and totally stacked with actionable and educational stock market info Discord channel.

IN ADDITION: We have added an entire Community experience to the Society.


Members can now create and access their own individual custom profile, Member groups, add friends, post on the community wall, access trade information and watchlists and much more!


No longer do you need to go sifting through the maze of endless noise about markets and stocks on several different clunky and confusing apps! Now you can make a beautiful and comfy home here at the Society, add the traders and investors who trade or think like you etc, and go to town printing cubic dollars from the Stock Market with us here everyday!

If you haven’t done so already. JOIN THE SOCIETY TODAY, and start learning how to conduct Market Sorcery!

Many new features will be added and customized as we fine tune the functionality and user experience, so make sure and spend some time getting familiar with the everything and make your first wall post! Then tell us how you like it and give us some feedback!

Stay tuned for more awesome stock market related content!



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