Tesla’s Model 3 Is The Smart Car You’ve Been Waiting For And Everyone Is Going To Buy One

Tesla and its vast array of products already owns the next several decades of energy, transportation, and most likely AI, due to being first in moving the world with electrons, while the elders attempted to hold back the momentum of forward progress. Never cling to fossils. Unless you want to turn into one.

Tesla is taking the world by storm and being involved in the future is how you build a legacy.

This is not hyperbole.

Rather I am merely speaking to your best interest as I have always done, and shall continue to do here in these sacred halls, evermore.

Again to be very clear about my thoughts here: The Tesla Model 3 is quite literally what the iPhone is to Apple and will be the catalyst to world wide acceptance, and great love, of the new electric energy revolution.


Go forth now and believe in good.




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