It’s Time

I am sure you have noticed by now that all your favorite market geniuses have either gone completely silent, or have switched to yammering on about some resort in China they want you to believe they are planning to visit for “vacation” from the market.

Total and complete nonsense from these idiots, as per usual. This is something you will find at all important market inflection points. They do not know anything, nothing at all, and hence in tough times like these, they simply change the subject or vanish completely in an attempt to fool you into thinking they have any idea what they are doing.

Trust me, they do not.

As for me, I am a mountain. I do not move. I do not waiver. I have the answers, because I am older than time itself and have seen it all.

Am I going to tell you how I know the answers? No. Because you will then proceed to head to your favorite social media outlet and yammer on about your skills.

I will however help you. It is time to buy. Get going on finding the most quality instruments and put your money to work. Start in stages, as I have always advised, so that you can achieve a favorable average price. I am not going to go into the details of this process, because I did that the last time I told you to buy.

Get at it.



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