Tools Of The Trade

Greetings eager market initiate! 

We’re happy you’re exited to get started trading and have created this page to assist you in setting up the tools you’ll need to successfully navigate, and capture humongous gains, in the Stock Market.

Due to the fact that almost all new traders need the same things, we have taken the liberty of creating this new trader setup guide! We hope it finds you well and encourage you to please feel free to ask us any question you may have!

Trading Platfrom

We recommend using TD Ameritrade’s “Think or Swim” platform for all your stock charting and deep analysis purposes.

Download it here and send us a message with any question you have about getting setup with indicators etc.

You will need to open an account but you do not have to fund it in order to download the “Think or Swim” platform. Again if you have any issues with this process or have any questions just give us a shout and we’ll be happy to help you out ASAP!



We recommend that new traders use Robinhood to get started with their first trades.

Robinhood does not charge you commissions on your trades and that alone makes it a MUST HAVE for all new and even experienced traders and investors!

Trust me, commissions add up and not having to pay them is absolutely invaluable!

Being that we are helping you get set up, we hope you don’t mind clicking the referral link we have provided to get you set up with trading on Robinhood. This link will set up your account and give both you and The Society a free share of a random stock that Robinhood selects. This is obviously yet another great feature of using Robinhood to trade with and why we recommend them for all traders!

Click Here To Open RobinHood Account 


Stock education, screening, analysis, and selection.


We use a ton of sites for education, but we like to send new traders and investors with little to no experience to the stock market over to investopedia to get started with learning patterns, the concepts of supply and demand and other important basics.


We recommend using to scan, screen, and do upfront quick analysis for all your stock ideas.

Look for the patterns you have studied, apply the principles of supply and demand, and attempt your first trade.

Analysis and Stock Selection

This is where you have to learn to become a Market Sorcerer, and harness the power of using the concepts covered above in real-time in the Stock Market!

We are happy to help you navigate on your journey to mastering the market and have extremely cost-effective options for even the most scrupulous individuals available here



We hope this quick start guide has been of great value to you on your journey and look forward to helping you on your way to financial success and freedom!

As always, feel free to send us an email or leave a comment with any thoughts, questions, ideas, or just to say hello!

Have a safe and happy new year and we’ll see you in the halls!